Whose Shoes

97th day away from home (April 27)

Since Aiden has no appointments for over a week, he and Hannah are going to upstate New York to stay with Manish’s parents. Aiden will love having all that room to run around and seeing his beloved Papa, Grandma and Amisha! Here is an image of him first thing in the morning.

Imagine waking up to this every morning

95th day away from home (April 25)

As expected, the endoscopy and colonoscopy showed nothing. Were are waiting for the results on the manomatry and biopsies but don’t expect anything to be found.

The twins have been sick all week with a fever, coughing and runny nose. After anti-biotics and a host of other medicines they are feeling much better. They were restless in their cribs so they got to sleep in Daddy’s room for a couple of nights. Unfortunately, this can create some bad habits and they wanted to make that their new bed even when they felt better.

Their new thing is wearing Manish’s sneakers and shoes. They love putting them on and running all over the place with them. On more than one occasion, he has been unable to find a matching shoe!

Below is a video of Aiden singing and some pictures of the twins.


Who stole my sneakers?

I thought so

And this one has my other pair of sneakers


Determined to make them work

Time to trade

Apparently he loves bare feet

So does Evan

After over a year, he finally managed to get back into our bed

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