Together Again

Aiden simply can’t get enough of his brothers. The first thing he says when he wakes up is “go see Evan…go see Ethey.” When they are at school/daycare, he asks for them all day and is thrilled when they are back home.

Of course, the twins don’t pay as much attention to him. They do their own thing with each other and Aiden sort of follows them around. Even so, he is glad to be with them. In fact, he often holds and hugs them and they start to whine about it. It is so cute as all he wants is them.

Since he got home, he has done quite well. There are still some bad days where he throws up a handful of times but then there have also been consecutive days where he does not throw up at all.

With summer almost here it is heating up outside and soon the boys will out in the pool. They can’t wait!

They love their firehats

The boys at their “ceremony” for the end of the spring daycare program

I tried a new hairstyle on Aiden

A neighbor of ours has some dogs and the boys enjoyed being entertained

I was worried they might get scared

That is, that the dogs might get scared

Of course these two loved it!

Now, its his turn

Ethan, please wear your own shoes!

He just had a haircut a couple week ago

The ‘trips’ are back together

Like old times

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