Still No Answers…

Since the last update, Aiden’s regular surgeon has returned from Poland. He thought that perhaps the continued bleeding and obvious distention/bulging in Aiden’s groin area was due to a cluster of vascular blood vessels behind his hemangioma. On Tuesday, however, Aiden’s had an abdominal and pelvic MRI which should have helped identify anything of that nature in the digestive tract. We received the results on Thursday, only to learn that (as usual w/ Aiden) the MRI appeared to be normal and did not show any obvious reasons for the continued bleeding and pain. The doctors are puzzled and at a loss as to what else could possibly be causing these symptoms.

After sharing Aiden’s symptoms and CT images in consultation with a group of surgeons here, they came to the conclusion that we should also look at his bladder to ensure there are not any valve or other problems that might be associated with the problems he continues to experience. The bladder imaging is scheduled for this coming Tuesday (2/16), and we hope that it will provide some helpful information. Please continue to pray that the doctors will have wisdom to know what to do for Aiden and that we will be able to identify the source of the problem.

Back in Dallas, it is a white out. We got about 11″ of snow and it is beautiful! The twins loved playing in the snow and were dressed with double layers when outdoors. Since we did not have any gloves/mittens, we used a sock on each. Manish told the boys to enjoy it because it would be a long time before they ever saw this much snow again.

Their vocabulary has increased dramatically and they can now carry mini-conversations. It is very intrested to hear Ethan and Evan talk to each other. They have certain code words which mean something” “taaki”, “biggum”, “huggie” and “amina”. They laugh when they say these words and Manish is convinced that this is how they signal eachother when they are up to mischief. They have been in great spirits even though their little brother and Mommy are gone.

We miss you Aiden!

Poor little boo-boo was not feeling well and so he cuddles with Grammie

Meanwhile, Ethan is taking things off the counter

Evan just wasn’t his happy self

But, he got well and started with his trains again

Putting it together…



Ethan, that is a very long track

But it is no good until you get the trains from Evan

Of course, Evan decided to throw them


Dad and Rascal 1

Dad and Rascal 2

Dad and Rascals

Since it was Ethan’s turn in the car, Evan decided to ride on top

The car was out of gas so Evan pushed while Ethan steered

Ethan needed a potty break and was more than ready to go

Learning to ride

Learning to read

They are loving this!

Not sure what to do with all this snow

So, they started making snow balls

It’s getting cold!


Trees, cars, roofs, etc…everything was covered

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