Day 69 (March 29, 10:00PM)
He is still on IV antibiotics (through his PICC line) to cover a post-op infection in the surgical site. This surgery was to close the j-tube site, which had basically turned into an ostomy site. He is dealing with behavioral side-effects from the drugs but overall the pain is better controlled on the newer pain medicine. Tomorrow they are going to meet with his primary GI physician and we will have a better idea of what to expect next regarding tests, timeline, etc.

His newest thing is saying “oh yeah baby!” See the video below to watch him in action.

Day 61 (March 21, 10:30PM)
After being discharged, Aiden was readmitted back into the hospital shortly thereafter. There were issues with his PIC line as the medications were clotting and he had to go back to the hospital to get it resolved. He will be there atleast through tonight and maybe even tomorrow night.

If April showers, bring May flowers, what does March snow bring? The boys loved watching it snow and couldn’t stop talking about it this morning.

Spring is certainly off to a strange start. It snowed. Aiden is still in the hospital. And our medical system and taxes are about to change thanks to Congress. I am starting to miss Winter 🙂

Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks.


This does not look good

Ethan, what are you up to?

Please don’t touch that!

Stop, you are scratching my car!

Yes. You!

So, I took the stick away

And the other one came along

Back to letting air out of the tire

He loves this

And now he succeeded

But Grandma fixes things

I licked my fingers and tried removing the scratches. Evan saw and tried to imitate.

There goes the ball

Boys, don’t even think about it

Evan loves the outdoors

Now he barks orders at Ethan

But Ethan knows that his bark is worse than his bite (although he does bite quite hard)

Time to play kickball

Action shot

Don’t pick it up!


The “oh my goodness” look

They love to clean

A yummy meal from McDonalds

Got Ketchup?

Grandma feeds her little bear

Ethan combs her hair

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