Pumpkins everywhere…

It has been a while since our last update and not much has changed. The E&E are doing great and Aiden is doing very well (although he does have a couple of bad days). With summer heat out of the way, the boys have been spending much more time outdoors. As you can imagine, it is nice getting them out of the house!

Below are some images from the Dallas Arboretum and a few indoor pictures. Lately, Aiden has really taken to sports and loves playing with his baseball and bat.

Pumpkins everywhere!

Time to run

First attempt at group a pic

Trying to look pretty

Ethey is so cute!

Tim, Aleta and Kaelyn…easy to take pictures of

Us…not so easy!

Almost got a good one!





He picked up stick and started to chew on it.

Then got mud on his face!

A caterpillar crawls up Aiden’s arm

He loves this!

Time to get messy


Cheap shot

4 pumpkins on 4 pumpkins

Lion King is the new favorite (McQueen has been temporarily replaced)

Aiden loves playing baseball

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