Not the break we wanted

Day 71 (March 31, 10:30PM)
As if things weren’t bad enough, last night Aiden fell off the bed (while he was trying to get a toy that he dropped) and broke his left arm. His left humerus is fractured and will probably take a few weeks to heal. It was a clean break but it is so high up on the arm that they cannot put a cast on it. So, his arm is taped to his body (a sling would not work so this was the next best thing). So, add one more thing to pray for!

We never thought that Aiden would be the first to break a bone as the twins tend to run around a lot more as they do not have all the equipment, tubes, etc. Over the past several days, they have really enjoyed themselves at a kid’s place called Going Bonkers and then we took them back to the Dallas Arboretum. The weather is finally getting nice and yesterday was the first day to reach at least 80 degrees since 10/20/2009 making it the second longest number of consecutive days in which the temperature stayed below 80 in Dallas. They also got their haircuts and, for the most part, seemed to enjoy it.

They love cars

…and climbing…

…and crawling…

Ethan wanted to make sure the white car was still there

The “candy machine” was also fun

Here he comes

Dad went down the slide and caught a picture of the boys

They loved bouncing around

The arboretum was beautiful

…and creative…

The boys love flowers

And getting to touch them was a lot of fun

Boys, get off the dirt!

Grammie had to supervise

It was hard to get them to look and smile

Such brothers!

Evan’s look of determination

Taking a short rest

Evan smelled the flowers

Ethan was not interested

Aunt Aleta took them for a spin

Ethan, don’t eat that!

Despite all of the beauty around us, they chose to play with a dead branch

Daddy and his little bear

…and a kiss

Ethan wanted to fly

Here comes Evan…

My babies!

We got them to sit still by giving them pretzels

Grammie and her grandkids from Texas

Evan was a little scared to sit on the branch

So, we added Ethan

And then Kaylan

More pretzels

Time to relax

Back home and time to eat

Evan gets a haircut from Grammie

He is anxious to get it over with

Ethan is done with his haircut

And gave me a smile

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