Lots of tests

88th day away from home (April 18)

We went to the Orthopedist and there is some good news regarding Aiden’s arm. The latest x-rays looked good and it appears to be healing well. We no longer have to try to keep it immobilized (which was no longer very effective anyhow!). Aiden is very happy to have use of his arm again! On Tuesday he will go to the OR for the endoscopy, colonoscopy and manometry tests. It will be a long day for him but it will be good to finally have these tests done.

As far as the twins, basketball has become the latest craze (especially for Evan). He is quite good at dribbling it and wants to “own” the ball whenever he gets his hands on it. We are working with helping him learn how to share it 🙂

Below are a few recent images. Please keep Aiden in your prayers as this will be a big week for him!

Evan’s new favorite – playing basketball

Ethan preferred to play with the sticks

Slam it Evan!

Ethan’s turn

2 on 1

Someone get it

Evan plays the “drums”

Ethan, hang on tight!

They love this

Flying high

Enjoying himself

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