Fall is here

Texas summers are brutal but the Fall is wonderful! Although there are still hot days, the evenings are much cooler and our air conditioning isn’t running all night!

Not too much to update other than everyone is doing well. Aiden is doing good overall altough he does have some ‘bad’ days where he vomits frequently. We look forward to getting out of the house a little more now that the weather is bearable. In fact, later today we are going to the Dallas Arboretum to let the kids run around and tire themselves out. Should be fun!

Below are some images from “Local Hero’s Day” at a local Chick-Fil-A restaurant. The boys got to see a police dog, firemen and jumped around in a ‘Bounce House.’

I should have turned the Flash off

They got to see a Police Dog

Aiden, you are supposed to throw it, not eat it.

Jumping in the Bounce House

Fun! Unfortunately, Aiden could not go in 🙁

But he found other things to do

Time to eat

Evan dropped his ice cream on the floor

So, Ethan fed him

Well decorated for a fast food restaurant

Time to go home

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