It was an explosive Independence Day, to say the least. We took the boys to see fireworks only to realize, they ARE fireworks! It was a fun-filled weekend as Papa, Grandma and Uncle Sachin (aka “Oak”) were in town, the boys all got haircuts and we took them to Going Bonkers.

In the video below, the boys are “driving” at Bonkers and in a later clip, Aiden discovers Grandma’s sunglasses.

Manish has a couple of new gadgets including a HD point & shoot camera and a new cell phone that take HD video. While the quality may not be professional, it is very convenient for quick snapshots and video. We used these on some of the media below which is why some of the images/video are lower quality.



On the way to the barber

Thankfully, they had things to entertain the kids while we waited

Ethan, you are first

He is not into this

Don’t let it get in your eyes

Meanwhile, Aiden entertains Grandma

Just about done

Take a look

He likes it!

Evan’s turn…he chose the fire truck

So serious!

A little scared too…so he holds mommy’s hand

Looks like something from the 80s

Pulled back


Time to snip

They took the twins to the pet store while Aiden got his haircut

Do you like it?

Riding in the car at Bonkers

Kids aren’t the only ones who have fun there

“Oak” shows the boys a Lightning McQueen video on his laptop. They are hooked!


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    1. HI. I hope this isn’t too intrusive but would you mind re-explaining why Aiden has to be assisted with Oxygen all the time, somewhere along the line I seem to have forgotten.

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