Dad’s day x2

Manish’s birthday and Father’s day happened to both fall on the same day so there were quite a number of ‘surprises.’ Of course, the children tend to get the lion’s share of the goodies. Speaking of surprises, Amisha unexpectedly showed up and the boys were very excited to have their “meesha” for several days. Aiden thinks she belongs to him, and him only!

A few days after the ‘festivities,’ everyone in the house was (at some point) sick. Manish had a terrible fever and headache, the twins were not 100%, Aiden had terrible congestion (due to allergies) and Hannah has a sinus infection. All of this during summertime!

Here are some recent images:

Aiden and his “meesha”


He waits patiently to Skype with Papa and Grandma



There they are!


It was delicious!

The boys waited for their turn

Evan could not wait any longer


Ethan loves it too

Even Aiden pretended to taste it

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