Better, but not fixed

This past Wednesday, Aiden’s GI physician and surgeon scoped the tube site and surrounding intestinal area. Additionally, his radiologist reviewed the scans and the conclusion was a good/bad news situation. The good news: there is nothing showing on the scan. The bad news: there is nothing showing on the scan. The source of the problem remains elusive.

There is the issue with the hernia but the possibility of this being the source of the problem is very marginal. Regardless, he will have surgery to repair the hernia in the next week or so. The primary problems seem to have passed for now and he is able to pass things.

Meanwhile, back at home, Evan has become somewhat ill. He was running a fever of 103, runny nose, coughing, etc. All this from an upper respiratory infection. Hopefully, we will fully recover soon and be his jolly little self again.

Here are some pictures (these were before Evan was sick and he was a little happier these days).

Ethan is so excited to get to the playground

Evan, are you showing off again?

Grammie gives Ethey a push

Evan loves posing

The twins were looking for things in the mulch

His nose was running so this is how he deals with it – that is why he is sometimes called “Nosey E”

You look like you are about to do something you should not be doing

My Ethey is growing up so fast

Of course, he still does his cute little gestures

Nosey E!

Trying to climb up the hard way

No standing on the bench

They love being outdoors

What are you pointing at?

Go get them and tell them it is time to go home

He is making sure that Evan is following along

Aiden in Boston

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