Yesterday evening (Sunday), Aiden had to be rushed to Children’s Hospital Boston via ambulance. He had a very high fever, was in constant pain and soon thereafter had a seizure. He was admitted, received an I.V. and morphine to reduce the pain. The morphine did help a little but last night the pain was so intense that he screamed and screamed for hours.

There were several nurses in the room trying to calm him down but unable to do so. His retching was so uncontrollable, the I.V. came out. Of course, given the long holiday, Hannah had to deal with residents who simply did not have the experience to deal with this. To make things worse, the attending GI surgeon that came to see Aiden and did not look very well. About 5 minutes later, she was throwing up in the room Aiden was staying in. She had a stomach bug that has been going around the hospital. One more thing to be concerned about. Translation: nightmare.

Please pray that the right person would be there at the right time to correctly diagnose his issues.

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    Manish and Hannah, we are praying for you,and your strength that I know you must need right now. Our hearts are broken for baby Aiden. We continue to pray for the Lord’s angels to be there with him, and for the right doctors to be there and that the Lord will give them wisdom. While you may not hear from us, please rest assured that the Lord does hear from us, and many others that you do not even know, on your behalf. Love, Uncle Bill and Aunt Ruth

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