The Grandchildren

A couple weeks ago, Grandma and Grandpa came down for the weekend to see the boys. They had such a good time and even cried when their grandparents left 🙁

Aiden is getting mobile and hobbles all over the place. Unfortunately, because of this, we have to strap his feeding bag on his back and it really slows him down. He gets rather frustrated with it and we remind him that as soon as he starts eating, he won’t have to carry his food on his back.

The twins are doing very well and love life like only 17 month old boys can! Please keep them in your prayers, as they came down with runny noses and seem to have caught something. Naturally, the primary concern is that Aiden will catch whatever they have. It was right around this time last year he was sedated, intubated and in the ICU due to a something he caught.

The images below are over the last couple of weeks.

Grandpa and Ethan together

Ethan is trying to be the favorite grandchild

Of course, he will have to battle Aiden

He knows how cute he is

Especially with his little hat

Here comes trouble (and they are bringing the triplets with them)

Evan, don’t be so impatient!

Evan, don’t you like to swing?

You neither Ethan?

Little Boo Bear in his Eskimo outfit

…and there he goes…

Evan, was the slide fun?

Aiden, I know you love to swing

Love the furry little hood

Ethan, don’t just sit around. Go play!

Grandma will help you

Told you he loved it

The twins love to ‘run away’ and go all over the place

Ethan, what are you waving?

Down the slide

Evan, you don’t look very confident

Don’t crash

Aiden, does Grandpa push so fast that it scares you into praying?

What are you boys up to?

Caught in the act!

Swinging with his cords

Ethan, stop putting those wood chips in your mouth

Grandpa is coming to take it away

So much fun

After a long day, it is time to rest

Ethan, you can’t go in there

Poor Aiden has his feeding bag strapped to his back and it makes it hard to get around

Ethan, what is in there?

The little wonder

He is like a poor little Nomad

Time to get your burp cloths and pacifiers and go upstairs

Here we go…the Amazing Race

Ethan is in the lead, but he seems distracted

Never turn your back on a Boo Bear

Evan is the winner

Of course, neither really won because the prize is lockdown in the cage

A little bear and his pear (I didn’t know that bears ate pears)

Oh, I guess they don’t

Hey, it’s still food so I have to eat it

Ethan, the table is for clothes, not little boys

Aidiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Aiden, it was a joke. You are not an actual moviestar (at least not yet)

He wanted a classic photograph

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