Soon, soon…

Thanks for all your prayers! Aiden’s infection eventually went away and we were approved to fly him back in late July for the laryngeal cleft repair.

We expect Aiden and Hannah to come back home this coming Tuesday (June 2nd). It has been about 6 weeks since they left and both are very anxious to get back. Aiden is still vomiting so at this point, it is difficult to tell what (if any) impact the malrotation had. Even so, we are glad it is finished and over with and now we can focus on his next procedure in July.

“E and E” are starting to develop a vocabulary that goes beyond “cars, keys and door.” Although that is still their favorite subject. They are trying to string words together to convey what they want and will probably be “talking” in a few weeks. Whenever Evan gets a hold of the phone, he says “mommy…mommy…mommy” as each night, we call Hannah and the boys talk to her. Ethan has learned self-defense. Historically, Evan has been a bully and took whatever toys he wants whenever he felt like. But lately, Ethan has fought back with his mouth (as evidenced by the many bite marks he has left behind on Evan’s arms, hand and even face)! So, Evan has learned to be more respectful of Ethan and his razor sharp teeth.

Below are some recent pics of the twins and one of Aiden (webcam).


Should you boys be up there?

Evan, that looks like your “naughty” smile

Ethan, you too!

The wet-wipe container makes a lovely head covering

The little bear is so full of life

Ethan, that looks dangerous

That hat looks good on you

Hi to you too

Evan found some food in his hand

How did you get up there?

And you too?

The twins are hanging out

This looks like trouble

Grandma’s favorite “things”

Thing #1

Thing #2

Snack time at McDonalds

Ice cream is a favorite

Grandpa loves feeding his babies

…and is doing double duty this afternoon

Evan loves his fries


Ethan likes them but not as much

Grandma is going to put some sauce on your fries

Wow, Evan you are dipping your fries all by yourself!

Ethan, one french fry at a time!

Web-camming with Hannah and Aiden (his hair has grown so much)

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  1. Charity Krontz says:

    Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that i am praying for you all! I look at your blog all the time to check on Aiden! The boys are just so cute! God bless you all! (love the wedding pix too! 🙂 )

    In Christ,
    Charity Krontz

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