Some progress…

Over the past few days, Aiden has undergone several tests, etc. at Children’s Hospital in Boston. One of the radiologists noticed that the intestines appeared to be malrotated. This twisting of the intestines is caused by abnormal development and can cause obstruction. Malrotation occurs in 1 out of every 500 births in the United States. It was about a year ago that a radiologist in Dallas mentioned the same thing and after following up with G.I., they decided it was a non-issue.

This afternoon, they removed his feeding tube to try and determine if there were any intestinal abnormalities. By using fluoroscopy (an imaging technique to obtain real-time moving images of the internal structures through the use of a fluoroscope), they confirmed that there is an abnormality. We view this as good news in the sense that there is finally confirmation that there is an internal issue. We are consulting with the physicians to determine the next steps. Most likely, Aiden will undergo a surgical procedure to correct these intestinal issues.

Additionally, the ENT Doctor agreed to perform the laryngeal cleft surgery after the intestinal/G.I. issues are corrected. While the cleft is not the sole cause of the problem, it could be a contributor and correcting it will rule it out as part of the problem.

In the meantime, the twins are living like princes. With mommy not around, they stay up late with daddy eating junk food and watching TV. NOT! Actually, Dad is much more strict with the twins and they have a very structured bedtime and eating schedule. But, they are living it up! They have enjoyed Grandma’s company very much and are enjoying the ourdoors more and more as the weather heats up. Below are some pictures of their daily adventures.

Evan has learned how to barter. If Ethan has something that he wants, he finds something to give him in exchange for what Ethan has. The other day, Ethan had a little toy owl and Evan brought a little toy guitar, laid it at Ethan’s feet and then took the owl and ran off. Ethan did not approve of the trade. These boys are just too much fun!

So much going on! Please keep us all (especially Aiden) in your prayers.


Ethan loves his little bunny

And his guitar…

Yes, there were ducks in our pool and the boys loved it!

Such a little monkey (or is it porcupine)

Evan, you want to play?

Is that a wave hello or good-bye?

Daddy and Evan

Daddy and Ethan

The boys also loved watching people mow the lawn

So curious

And also a little tired

Evan, what are you doing?

There he goes

A little bear amidst the roses

Ethan, stay away from the road!

They love hitting the bushes

And playing in the little fountain

Classic twins

Ethan fell down and got a cut…he did not even cry

Meanwhile, Evan checked out the cars in the street

Looking for the next car to check out

Ethan is back and making a run for it

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