Sarah & Austin’s Wedding

Sarah & Austin’s wedding took place at the Dallas Arboretum. It was outdoors…at 7pm…in the sunlight…the temperature: 102 degrees! This is the ‘hottest’ wedding which I have shot to date. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful ceremony and reception. Austin is a flight instructor so we took a few pictures before the ceremony at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum. Some highlights from the day are posted below.



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    1. Mary Mertz says:

      We love you, Austin and Sarah. Love, Mom and Dad

    2. Joyce Andres says:

      Sarah and Austin! The wedding was beautiful, as these pictures show! Congrats!!!!

    3. Diana Vickers says:

      These photos are beautiful!! It is nice to see the wedding through someone elses eyes! What wonderful memories we will all have for years to come of friends, family and both of you. Love you both!

      Dad and Mom

    4. Sarah says:

      Love it! Every picture looks great! :)

    5. David and Laura Beth says:

      Yay, hooray! You guys are so photogenic :) We love you both tons, thanks for the cake….heard the honeymoon was salacious!! Haha

      – love Laura Beth and David

    6. Trish says:

      Oh how wonderful!!! We so enjoyed the wedding and now we will have some great memories captured in photos. Love you both very much. Can’t wait to see more pictures.

      Love from TN

    7. Lisa says:

      Amazing pics! You both are so gorgeous on the inside and out!
      Love you so much! tu hermantita, Lisa

    8. Joanne Gnauck says:

      You are both precious to me and I treasure each photo of your wedding.

    9. Peter and Liz Baca says:

      Thanks for letting us share this wonderful day with you! Everything was great. Love, Uncle Peter and Auntie Liz

    10. Grama gona says:

      Your wedding was such a joyous occasion and it was a blessing for me see you joined as husband and wife and make your commitment to God as a couple He truly was present that day- sharing in the love everyone had for Him, each other and the two of you. May God continue to bless your unity love you nd your wonderful photos.
      Gramma Gina

    11. Lisa Law says:

      The wedding was so beautiful…. I am so happy for you two, wishing you both many Blessings.

    12. Vicki Neutzler says:

      Beautiful wedding! Amazingly clear photos! For it to be so hot that day…
      everyone looks fresh and cool…no sign of heat stress at all! That’s really
      good photography! These photos will be such a treasure in years to come!
      Thanks for sharing!

    13. tristen and ashley says:

      Oh my gosh you guys just make our day every time we look at your pics!!!! we love you both sooooo much and we’re so glad we got to be a part of your special day. Love Ya!! :)

    14. You two are such a cute couple! I hope your wedding day was perfect and the honeymoon was a blast!! I wish you all the happiness in the world!

    15. Norma Flores says:

      These are great pictures! Sarah, you look so much like your Mom. You make a beautiful couple, congratulations! Wish you the best in your new life as husband and wife.
      Norma Flores (Diana’s high school friend)

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