Yes, the title says it all–and they are not even 2 years old!

It’s been a while since our last blog update. Aiden is back home and the surgeries were successful. Thanks for all your prayers!

It will take some time for the repair of the laryngeal cleft to fully heal and the stitch in his throat to dissolve, so we won’t know how beneficial the procedure was for a few more weeks. He did well for a few days after the surgery but in the last couple of days he has thrown up quite a bit. But despite all this, he is still as happy as can be (most of the time).

The twins have had a lot of fun over the past few weeks. Their Grandma was in town helping out while Hannah was in Boston. They are into all sorts of new things such as playing outdoors with the balls (lots of pictures below), the see-saw, sitting in Daddy’s office with their phones and even cleaning (of course their magnitude of being messy is far greater than that of cleaning).

Below are several images over the last couple of weeks.

Cleaning is the newest thing

Everything must be cleaned

And they do it quite well

Ethan, you missed a spot

Edith with favorite twins

Mommy and Aiden in Boston

Sleepy time for Aiden

Ethan, you look scary

Now you look like you are in trouble

Don’t worry, you are not in trouble (atleast not yet)

Evan, the chair is meant for sitting

That’s better

A pirate ship for a pirate baby

The twins LOVE playing with the balls outside

Throwing them is so much fun

There they go

Ethan has two

And now he can have three

And now, four

Tricycles are also fun

Of course, there are few things that intrest them as much as the phone

I told him to smile, and Ethan actually smiled (it is a fake smile, but still very nice)

Up and down

Evan, please don’t make Ethan fly off

Swim Time!

Evan, you are sweeping so well!

They goes the little bear

Edith and Ethan take a break from all the fun

He’s back!

And he is loving it

Aiden, you look puzzled

He loves splashing everywhere

Grandma took the boys for a bath but apparently forgot Ethan’s clothes

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