One step at a time…

After nearly 19 months, Aiden has taken his first steps and can walk half way across the room. He is so proud of himself everytime he does it! There is a short clip of him walking in the video below.

Despite being out of the feeding program, Aiden still likes to take little baby bites (and even some big ones). Please pray that he continues to want to eat even though he is no longer getting daily therapy. Hopefully, we can get him up to Boston later this month where they will reattempt to diagnose what is causing the vomiting issue. If this issue can be corrected, we will put him back in the program.

Ethan and Evan are doing very well and have gotten very good at repeating things we say. Grandma and Grandpa were here for several days and had a great time with the boys! Just a few short days later their Aunt Aleta, Uncle Tim and cousin Kaelyn were here for a week. We posted several pics below (more to come in the next update).



Nice backpack Aiden

Aunt Amisha and the trips tried a picture…but Evan did not fully cooperate

Evan, are you still upset?

Aiden is so happy

Time for bed

So silly!

Ethan lies on grandma and chugs his milk

What is going on over here?


Laughing it up

And Evan gives him a big kiss

Now its Ethan’s turn to enjoy grandpa

Evan enjoys his toys

Ethan, don’t fall off!

The youngest and oldest

From oldest down to youngest

Aiden, are you offering me something to drink?

Evan, what are you looking for?

Ethan loves his little red monkey

…and his little cell phone

And now Ethan is looking for something under the couch

Aiden, have you ever ridden on an aiport fire truck?

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