Little Turkey is back…

After his 5th trip to Boston, Aiden is back home! And he is very excited to be back! He has developed some new “statements” such as “uh-huh, uh-huh, O-kaaaay” and “Ok…buh buye..have a nice day.” He says these quite a bit and is even more wound up as he is currently on oral steriods. Unfortunately, he developed some atelectasis’ from the procedures, allergies, etc. (hence, the reason for the steroids).

During his stay in Boston, his feeding tube was replaced. Within a couple of days, it was out of place and they had to put in a new type of feeding tube. Hopefully, we won’t have the same issue because fixing it requires surgery.

Please continue to keep him in your prayers. He is very happy and doing reasonably well but with Aiden, we never know!

The boys had a great Thanksgiving with Papa, Grandma, “Oak” (Uncle) and Amisha.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Amisha reads to the twins

Ethan is all ready for his phone conference

Evan is very concerned about his cuticles!

Evan is making sure Aunt Amisha is clipping to his liking

So curious…

…Or maybe worried

Now it’s Ethan’s turn!

He watches with interest…

Evan inspects Amisha’s handiwork

So full of life!

Running free at the Dallas Arboretum!


The twins had fun in this makeshift house

Whatcha looking at?

Here they come


The boys had so much fun with Aunt Aleta!

The twins favorite puzzle

The wheels on the bus go…

Aiden looking for Mr. Sun

Aiden and Amisha play together

Very focused

So excited to be home!

Aiden found the perfect spot for hide-n-seek

Ethan showing everyone he can eat like a big boy

Coloring with new markers from Aunt Tonya

The boys LOVE to color!

Aiden showing grandma his work

A little Picasso

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