Ills, Chills and No Frills

Everyone is sick! It appeared to be a sinus infection although given that we all have it, it very likely could be something else…perhaps the common cold? Runny noses, sore backs, coughing while sleeping and sore throats seem to define how we feel. Hopefully this will pass soon and will be back to…normal.

It makes you wonder what is ‘normal.’ It used to be go to work during the week and relax on the weekends. Those were the good ‘ole days. These days, there is minimal time for rest as we are chasing the boys everywhere. Of course, one day we will look back and say “the good ‘ole days.” It’s like our Pastor says, “we always talk about the good ‘ole days but what we fail to realize is that we are in the good ‘ole days.” So, we will enjoy them (although it is hard to enjoy when sick).

Aiden will most likely need to go back to Boston within the next few weeks. There is definitely something wrong with the tube and there may be some other issues. Unfortunately, Dallas has no solutions but Boston would like to do some specific tests and get to the root of the issue. Please keep us in your prayers!

We took the boys to the Dallas Arboretum Botanical Gardens a couple weeks ago and they had a blast! It was the first time they ever saw pumpkins. They were very intrigued and really had a great time with so much room to run around. Enjoy some of the images below.

Evan and Mommy are going for a car ride

Her little Boo Boo Bear

Feeding the babies

Here comes Ethan!

There goes Evan

All this room to run

Aiden is trying to catch up to his brothers

Ethan has never seen pumpkins before

Aiden loves walking all over the place

The Arboretum did a great job decorating the place

Trying to get these two to sit still is near impossible

Trying to get all three to pose is impossible

My little pumpkin is carrying a pumpkin

Aiden thought the pumpkins were giant apples and kept saying “all done apples” because he did not like sitting on them

But the ‘apples’ were very accomodating and he eventually did not mind

Evan loved being here

Well, we got one to look, one to almost look with only one totally distracted

Classic Ethan

Happy Boo

He didn’t want to share seats with the pumpkin so he tossed it

Another attempt at a picture

Boo draws while Daddy works on the computer

Boys, you are too young do drive!

Aiden, two at one time?

Up and down

Evan loves being the Boss

He is only quiet when he is eating or drinking

Aiden loves his TV (a little too much)

Ethan is ready to go to sleep

Aiden is still enamored by the fact that he has hands

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