How they grow…

Just having turned two, the twins (and Aiden occasionally) will ask to use there little “toilet.” Each time they “go,” they are rewarded by getting to touch the car in the garage. Of course, this has resulted in them always wanting to “go potty” whether they need to or not just for the opportunity to touch the car.

Please keep Aiden in your prayers. It seems there is some sort of issue with his feeding tube placement as he occasionally ‘complains’ of being in pain. He does not always like to sit straight up as it appears to cause pain. We took him for a CT scan and MRI which showed the tube was in place. Of course, the last time they (Dallas) told us this they were completely wrong and Boston ended up correcting the issue. Therefore, we have had the scans sent to Boston where the Radiologist and Surgeon can verify the placement.

All three have started string full phrases together. We had a loaner car from the dealership and it was dark silver whereas our car is white. When Ethan saw it he said “white car all gone…all gone.” Little phrases like that pop into their minds. Evan wants to go work with daddy and he says “Boo go work…Boo go daddy’s work.” He refers to himself as “Boo.” Aiden refers to him as “Eban.” So cute!

Boo loves his little chairs

Sit down!


There he is!

Looking into daddy’s office

Ethan, where should we ship you?

Some more shipments

Ethan decides he wants out

Aiden, so serious?

Ethan, what kind of look is that?

Food always attracts these little boys

Evan, please keep your pants on

Here comes the…

Rock Star…

Boo and his great big eyes

Mowing is a big deal (especially for Aiden)

Evan, you are supposed to push it not sit on it

Aiden is stuck…and lets everyone know about it

Are you weight lifting?

You definitely need more weight than that

Aiden loves to drink water

What’s this? Is he going to try to eat?

Aiden! You have a yogurt covered pretzel in your mouth!

He is clapping for himself

Oops…he fell down and is pretending to be upset

Of course, we all knew he was just faking

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