He’s Back….

After nearly 7 weeks in Boston, Aiden has finally returned home. Hannah and Aiden arrived on June 2nd. Although he is still throwing up, he is recovering well from the surgery and is extremely happy to be back with his brothers. He has been doing well with walking, although his balance still needs some work. His hair has grown by leaps and bounds and he has beautiful little curls. Finally, Hannah had to take him for a haircut (Manish says he was “Samsonized”!). The little locks were a big part of his charisma and charm…but don’t worry, it will grow back.

All three boys are increasing their vocabulary. For example, “car” and “keys” combinations now include the word “door…open the door.” Additionally, they love listening to their “A-B-D’s” music. We are working on getting that right but they are convinced that is what it is called. At the end of the B-I-B-L-E song, they will say “Bibee” (Bible), and they have a name for each song. Ice Cream is a new favorite, expecially for Evan. After dinner, Manish asks them “who wants…” and Evan is hooked because he knows what’s coming. See the video below for his little reaction.

Hannah will take Aiden back up to Boston Children’s in late July for the laryngeal cleft surgery. Please keep him in your prayers! In the meantime, we are thoroughly enjoying being back together as a family for a couple of weeks. Enjoy the video and images below.



Look who’s back in town!

All of the “Things” are finally reunited

Thing 3 is so happy to be back

Simply adorable

The twins new favorite is their Shapes video

Aiden is laughing it up

He has so much hair (this is before the haircut)

Indian style on the couch

The trips

A battle over the toy is looming

Always smiling

Ethan, do you like Mickey Mouse?

I guess not

Hello Rabbi Aiden


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