Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day! The boys have decided that they are independent, and a law unto themselves. That is requiring a lot of work and training…but it’s not all bad. They can do so many things themselves now, and what they can’t do, they certainly make up for in trying hard! Evan is doing a great job feeding himself cereal very neatly with his own spoon. They try to put on their own shoes (certainly know how to take them off) and clothes (also do a great job taking off their pants and diapers, unfortunately…I’ll leave the rest to your imagination!). Even Aiden is trying to buckle himself into the car seat and stroller.

Their vocabulary has completely taken off, and they can say just about anything, and easily convey what they want. Their latest favorite words are “Boom” and “Bang,” and they like to put those into practice when they say it, from toys to food to whatever happens to be at hand. Sadly, that has caused some injuries to each other. Despite the fact that we have been teaching them that you cannot throw (“Boom!”) toys, and especially not hit each other with toys (“Bang!”), apparently this is a hard thing to learn, because it is soooo much fun to throw things!

We attempted to make it to the July 4th kiddie parade here in Flower Mound, but were delayed when Aiden had a massive blowout as we were putting him in the car seat. As you can see from the picture below, the boys were a little disappointed that they did not get to see the “kids” in the parade. Ethan and Evan are still going through some separation anxiety from Hannah being in Boston so long, and they are afraid that she is leaving every time she walks out of their site, but they are doing great in the nursery at church. It has been a bit of an adjustment for them, especially since service is right at dinner and bed time, but they are so excited to get in the car and go to “chuch” to play in the nursery with the “kids.”


Such long, thick eyelashes you have, Evan

Everyone loves the doggy

My own little Boo


Don’t pull too hard

Ethan is posing for the camera

Aiden and his little tongue

Are you trapped on the window sill?

Are you two trading clothes?

Ethan, you forgot something

Little boys and their toys

Evan is growing a moustache at such a young age

Aiden, did you make your cousin cry?

Either way, he has the chair all to himself

Interesting life jackets. Ethan does not seem to like it much

Aiden doesn’t either, but he loves swimming more…

Sharing his book

Boom! Bang! They love throwing things

There goes another toy

Aiden is worried they will throw him next

So, he goes into defense mode

The trips having fun

The twins try to catch a fly

Aiden, are you throwing things too?

Classic Aiden…look at the eyes…and the hair

The twins’ new favorite: “hot tea”

Ethan plays with his “little piggies”

The boys missed the July 4th kiddie parade because we were late. They even had on their little red white & blue outfits

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