Fun in the Sun

Summertime has been hot…very hot. We have consistently had temperatures over 100 degrees day after day. Thus, the boys have been in the pool quite a bit and ironically, the best “swimmer” is Aiden. He lays back (in his little life jacket) and kicks all over the place. Ethan and Evan are more restless in the pool and like to be held.

All three are doing a good job understanding things. Their vocabulary is growing and they are even saying complicated words like “oxygen” (this is in reference to Aiden’s oxygen tank). They have also learned “uh-oh” and “no-no.” Of course, this means that they are getting into all kinds of mischief!

Enjoy some of the pics below.


He turned into a superhero

Off to rescue someone (a superhero with an oxygen cord and feeding tube?)

Aiden, you forgot your mask

He is loving this

Evan, what on earth?!


And now you are upset?

Aiden is too

Because he is caged

He wants to be free…

…looks like he is scheming

Ethan, are you hitting Aiden in the head with the phone?

Fun in the sun

Good morning sunshine

Is that nice and soft?

Boo, what are you up to?

This looks like potential trouble

“Puppy” is very popular these days

Evan, such a nice kiss!

Aiden loves to hug his brothers (even if they don’t hug back)

Get puppy

Evan, what are you pointing at?

Here he comes

Evan loves to hide under the pillows

Still loving their little pet…

And now Aiden gets a chance to love puppy

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  1. It’s wonderful to see your children growing up and it looks like A is getting tall and he’s losing that baby look!

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