“Dodden, Didden, Daddus…”

The boys’ level of understanding has increased gradually, but for a while it seemed that they did not say a lot back. Lately, however, they have become quite prolific little chatterboxes! Three of their favorite words are: ‘dodden,’ ‘didden,’ and ‘daddus.’ We *think* it means ‘dad,’ but we are not 100% sure!

They are also very good at trying to repeat things. When we ask Evan, “what does the Turkey say?” he responds “gobba, gobba, gobba” in his soft little voice. Ethan is in love with saying “appesss” (apples) and they are both in love with “cars.” Aiden tried hard to say what his brothers say, but his favorite word is still “mamamama.”

We have learned that Aiden’s name has finally come up on the waiting list, and on March 16th he will being the intensive feeding program in Dallas. It is an all-day program which lasts for 5 weeks but it has a very high success rate. Over the last few weeks, he gained weight and is now much taller. Unfortunately, he continues to vomit bile and seems to be in pain (especially at night). Please continue to keep him in your prayers.

All three of the boys have become very “cuddly.” They will sometimes lie down on the floor or grab each other and try to hug. Ethan is so happy to be with his brothers, he often makes a high pitched little squeal (see the video below which shows a clip of him and Evan).

It was about this time last year that Aiden had to go back to Children’s hospital and ended up in the PICU after coming home from the NICU. Looking back, we thank God for everything He has done for Aiden and His constant mercy and goodness. Enjoy some pics and the video.

Evan walking his toy dog

Evan, that is not a phone!

Ethan, share with your brothers

Here he comes…stalking his prey


Look at the eyes

Rosy little cheeks

The boys love these little books that make the animal sounds

Evan, we know you are a monkey…but you don’t have to climb on the toys

No, Ethan, you cannot have Daddy’s camera!

Catch, Aiden!

All three boys love playing with the balls, but Evan believes that they are his personal property.

When the boys want to see the letter video, they will go over by the TV and make their letter sounds

Evan, you are huge!

Here comes Ethan

Hi, Boo Bear

Outside with the ball — Evan, does it get any better than this?

Let’s roll!

Boys, away from the street!

Soccer, anyone?

Not much of a stunt, Evan

Ethan, when have you ever been at a loss for words?

In his recliner


So cute

Happy AND cute


Hair, hair everywhere! Look at those wild curls.

Aiden finally gets his hands on one of the boy’s favorite toys.

And he is enjoying it…but he knows that Evan is coming to take it

So, he goes to the window and enjoys the outdoors instead

Evan is such a little boy

And little boys love to eat

Ethan, what are you watching?

A little Evanly bear enjoying his meal

Ethan, don’t play with your food


Butt paste! Let me tell you, these little boys’ butts are very, very expen$ive!


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    1. Eric Nicole & Hailey says:

      We can’t believe how big the boys are getting. You are right that they don’t even look like babies anymore. Hailey LOVES to look at their pictures. She is all about other kids. We look forward to the day when you will be able to come back to SS class. Take care and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers, even though we don’t see you much.

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