Cleft Fixed

About 10 days ago, we noticed that Aiden would grab his stomach whenever we pushed medice through his feeding port. Shortly thereafter, the tube had fresh blood in it which was cause for concern. After taking him for some tests and x-rays in Dallas, they said the tube was in the right spot and were unsure about what caused the bleeding and discomfort. Fast forward to July 23rd. In Boston, they ran the same tests and discoved that the tube was out of place. They wanted to fix it as soon as possible and this required a surgical procedure. The problem was that his cleft surgery was scheduled for Monday, July 27th.

Fortunately, they were able to do both surgeries on Monday morning. It literally took months. but Aiden finally had surgery on the cleft (and got his feeding tube replaced). The surgeries were successful and it will take several weeks for the cleft to heel. But thankfully, it is finally done! Hannah and Aiden will stay in Boston for another week as there are some follow ups and additional tests he will have while he is there. Hopefully, they will be back by Friday, August 7th.

E&E are expanding their vocabulary at a rapid pace. The other day, a dinosaur was one of the characters in an educational DVD they were watching and he said “deno-ro.” Ethan is doing very good at stringing words and thoughts together. When Manish is leaving for work he says “Dada…keys…cars..go..bye bye Dada.” And to think, this time last year they had just started semi-walking.

Please continue to keep Aiden in your prayers! Below are some pictures from the last couple of weeks.

Evan went into hiding and is coming out

Ethan, you look bored

Aiden tackles Evan while Ethan watches on

Aiden, you want some of Evan’s milk?

Looks like he got it

And he is happy…or is that angry?


Evan was lying down…which makes him fair game for Aiden to jump on and hug

One is loving puppy and the other is reading about ducks

Little boys being little boys

Is the sun too bright?

Evan, are you making some sort of offering?

So intellecual

Ethan, your head is too small

Evan was hiding again


So happy

Aiden, what are you looking at?

Ethan too

Look at those gorgeous eyes!

What happened?

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