Back to normal (relatively speaking)

Thanks so much for the prayers! After being admitted on Friday evening, Aiden looked great the following morning and the bloodwork showed that all his levels were back to normal. It is difficult to say with certainty what caused the problem but it appears it was due to dehydration from all the vomiting. They gave him Intravenous Therapy overnight and that seemed to take care of his issues. He went home on Saturday evening.

Aiden was so happy to be back home. He crawled all over the place yelling at the top of his lungs and we had to chase him around to make sure his oxgen stayed attached. Unfortunately, it looks like the feeding program may be put on hold given the additional feeding is what most likely led to the increased vomiting. We will consult with his doctors and get their input before making any decisions.

With Hannah gone all day and Manish working, it has been tough on the twins (especially Evan). All day they say “Ma?” and “Dodden?” Otherwise they are doing great in terms of growth, health, etc.

We posted some pictures over the past couple week below and some of Aiden at the hospital.

Aiden, you are drinking Starbucks?

I guess he likes it

The little wave

Things are looking up?

What kind of a face is that?

Ethans loves the page with the car on it

And he loves to climb

So cute!

Loving his little froggy

Ethan, that is a remote control, not a phone

Evan, watch your step

Following in daddy’s footsteps

My little boo

What is that?

Loving his blocks

Still has the slippers on

What are you up to?

Ethan and Aiden are playing house

Let me in Aiden

Loves those books

This smells like trouble

The slide is so much fun

Want to go again?

Ethan’s turn

He wants to climb back up the slide

Evan enjoys going down

But today, he was so tired he eventually laid down on the slide

Carolina swings Ethan…

…while Edith swing Evan

Ethan looks tired

Evan is almost out

Ethan, your turn to fall asleep

Exactly one year ago, you were in the same place

So sad to be back

But guess what, this was just a short stay and you get to go home tonight!

Hey there Evan

Such twins


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