Aiden’s Surgery

Aiden, Aiden, Aiden

Aiden you are the bravest of three,
Strong and humble we can see.
Your smiling eyes look around,
With determination and faith abound.

A mystery bug got in your belly,
Makes you sick and diapers smelly!
We pray each day that doctors will find,
A cause and a cure for peace of mind.

A silent observer you are in the bed,
Taking in and digesting the words said.
God watches over you every day,
He loves you in a very special way.

We all know you will pull through,
Brave and strong like you always do.
(Written by Tanya A.)

The surgery took place this past Friday afternoon and the malrotation was corrected. Additionally, the surgeon removed Aiden’s appendix. He felt this would be the best thing to do just in case future complications arose from the surgery then appendicitis could be ruled out. Aiden is recovering and though he is in pain, he is doing quite well. Thanks so much for all your prayers!

The next step will be to determine when to fix the laryngeal cleft. This will depend on how quickly they think he can recover given that he will have to be intubated again. We should know more sometime next week. In the meantime, please continue to keep him in your prayers.

The twins are very happy and loving life! Nothing makes them happier than going for a ride in the car. Every other word out of their mouths is “car”, “keys”, or “car keys.” Manish did survive the weekend alone with the twins (although, Sunday was quite brutal). Thanks to Edith, Cyndi and Carolina for all their help! Without them, he may not have made it 🙂

God Bless

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