2008: What a year!

What a year it has been! Although we faced a number of challenges and difficulties in 2008, we had even more to be thankful for. The best gift of all? We enjoyed our first holidays together as a family, which was such a blessing. In 2008, Aiden spent nearly 50% of the year as in inpatient in the hospital. We look forward to 2009 and hope and pray it is nowhere near as crazy as this year was. Many thanks to all of you for your faithful prayers and support. We simply could not have made it through everything without knowing that you were praying.

Below are many Christmas pictures and video for all who asked! As you will see, Aiden has grown significantly just in the very short amount of time that he has been on the J-tube, which is an answer to prayer. He continues to constantly vomit bile. We had a promising first appointment with a new GI doctor this week, so we are hopeful that we have found someone here who is willing to work with the doctors in Boston.

The boys are talking up a storm, although we are not always certain what they are saying! 😉 . “Apple” and (ironically enough) “butt paste” are some of the new favorites for both Ethan and Evan, and Ethan loves “gars” (cars). Of course, “dis” (this) continues to be another favorite.

They are sprinting everywhere and trying to get into everything. They are also systematically destroying the house, one room at a time, as you will also see from the video. They love to empty the toy box and climb inside. Evan has figured out how to get to the TV by climbing over the couch and jumping across the gap to the chair so that he can reach and turn on the TV. In the video below, he miscalculates his leap and crashes (until he recovers and eventually succeeds). Just before Christmas, a friend from church shared some of their toys with the boys, including a stuffed Texas A&M musical mascot. In the video, you will notice that Ethan has adopted it and loves to snuggle with it while it plays the A&M fight song! Without a doubt, 2009 will hold many new and interesting adventures!

Our best to each of you in the coming year. From our family to yours — here’s to the New Year and all that it brings.


Ethan loves putting things on his head

Ethan, why so puzzled?

Aiden just loves life

Evan loves hanging out in his birthday suit

Quick, let’s turn it on before Dad sees us!

We tried to take a cute Christmas picture of all three boys in the box with little bows on their head. But as you can see, Aiden sunk.

…and he continued to sink…

He finally said “Enough”

Such an adorable Christmas gift

Ethan realizes he is being photographed in his birthday suit

He loved “swimming” in styrofoam

Aiden loved watching (from a safe distance)

Love the pants, Evan!

Ethan enjoys reading

Boo has such big, expressive eyes

All dressed up and ready to go in his little Christmas outfit


So cute!

What big eyes you have, my dear!

Brrrrrrrrrrrrr! It’s cold out there!

Loving his little frog

Ethan and Evan believe that Aiden should share whatever he happens to be playing with

So excited to open gifts on Christmas morning! The boys are excited too 🙂

Ripping the paper off is just as much fun as the gift!

Aiden was excited

He loved playing with all of the paper!

The twins loved all of the new toys

The little dog was a popular toy…

Manish kept saying he loved the boys’ PJs and wanted some like them….soooooo…. He says he will only wear it and have his picture taken when Hannah also does

Boys and their toys

Awwwww, Aiden!

Evan loves jumping on Daddy. Manish’s back takes quite a beating.

Ethan saw this little shoe box and decided to climb in for a ride

A perfect Christmas gift: Three Little Monsters

It fits Evan perfectly

Aiden thinks he is too sophisticated to be a monster

Ethan says he is a terror, not a monster

Aiden loves the little table toy that plays music

He also likes to pull his socks off

Their first Christmas together

The little cars were a huge hit!

What an eventful Christmas day

Aiden found this book inspirational

Peas in a pod, er, twins in a box

This was what they did to our family room

We tried to replicate a picture from last Christmas (see below), but it did not quite work out. Even so, we are so glad that Aiden is home.

From Christmas 2007

One last book before bedtime

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