How they grow…

Just having turned two, the twins (and Aiden occasionally) will ask to use there little “toilet.” Each time they “go,” they are rewarded by getting to touch the car in the garage. Of course, this has resulted in them always wanting to “go potty” whether they need to or not just for the opportunity to touch the car.

Please keep Aiden in your prayers. It seems there is some sort of issue with his feeding tube placement as he occasionally ‘complains’ of being in pain. He does not always like to sit straight up as it appears to cause pain. We took him for a CT scan and MRI which showed the tube was in place. Of course, the last time they (Dallas) told us this they were completely wrong and Boston ended up correcting the issue. Therefore, we have had the scans sent to Boston where the Radiologist and Surgeon can verify the placement.

All three have started string full phrases together. We had a loaner car from the dealership and it was dark silver whereas our car is white. When Ethan saw it he said “white car all gone…all gone.” Little phrases like that pop into their minds. Evan wants to go work with daddy and he says “Boo go work…Boo go daddy’s work.” He refers to himself as “Boo.” Aiden refers to him as “Eban.” So cute!

Boo loves his little chairs

Sit down!


There he is!

Looking into daddy’s office

Ethan, where should we ship you?

Some more shipments

Ethan decides he wants out

Aiden, so serious?

Ethan, what kind of look is that?

Food always attracts these little boys

Evan, please keep your pants on

Here comes the…

Rock Star…

Boo and his great big eyes

Mowing is a big deal (especially for Aiden)

Evan, you are supposed to push it not sit on it

Aiden is stuck…and lets everyone know about it

Are you weight lifting?

You definitely need more weight than that

Aiden loves to drink water

What’s this? Is he going to try to eat?

Aiden! You have a yogurt covered pretzel in your mouth!

He is clapping for himself

Oops…he fell down and is pretending to be upset

Of course, we all knew he was just faking

Erica & Jay’s Wedding

Erica and Jay were married at The Wistera Place in Mesquite, TX with the reception following. With the weather finally cooling off after a scorching summer, it was the perfect evening for a wedding.

Jay is going to be deployed to Afghanistan in a few weeks and I want to wish him well and thank him (and all our military personnel) for the great commitment and sacrifice. Our freedoms exist because of people like Jay who take up the great cause of protecting our nation. God Bless him and all our armed servicemen!


…the Terrible Twos are here!

Now the boys have official license to terrorize–not that they were waiting for permission, or anything like that! Errr, I mean…the fun begins. The boys enjoyed their birthday. This is probably the only time that we will be able to get away without a party, so we had a small ice cream cake in the back yard. Grandma, ‘Papa,’ and Uncle Sachin (aka ‘Oak’) all came in just to celebrate their big day, which the boys loved. Grandma had a b-day just a few days before theirs, so they helped her celebrate too. They particularly loved eating all that ice cream cake, and even Aiden took a “bite” (we got a picture of this historic event).

They are becoming so ‘grown up’ in their little mannerisms. Ethan and Evan consider themselves big boys now, and definitely don’t look like toddlers anymore. They tell us “Aiden a baby,” and it’s true: Aiden is the only one who still has a little bit of baby. Ethan and Evan have taken to calling us “Manish” and “Hannah,” because they hear us talking to each other, and decided that was how they should do it. Even when they get to ‘talk’ on the phone, they call want to call “Manish” (I mean, Daddy-Manish)! They know their all their letter sounds and rather than associating them with objects, they like to associate them with people that they know, so A is for Aiden, D for “Daddy-O,” C for Carolina, K for Kaelyn…etc. When we go to the grocery store, they like to ‘read’ the circulars, finding their favorite letters and telling us what they stand for. Ethan and Evan are also very into numbers, and are learning to count. They have favorite numbers too, and for some reason “7” hasn’t made it onto their list, so when they count it is “1,2,3,4,5,6,…8,9,10!”

Grammie (Hannah’s mom) is back in Texas for a little bit, and the boys are thoroughly enjoying having her around to spoil them. They also wished her a happy birthday, as her b-day is just a few days after their’s. Aiden continues to recover from the laryngeal cleft surgery, and is now at the point where we can begin to push him to eat a little bit by mouth. Unfortunately, he is having another bout with allergies, which has not helped the vomiting, but despite all of that, we have seen a significant reduction in his O2 requirements and have been able to wean him to a lower level. This is definitely a positive outcome from the surgery and we are hopeful that his O2 requirements will continue to diminish. During our last visit to Boston, we increased Aiden’s feedings and since then have seen him grow quite a bit–particularly in height–which is encouraging. Ethan and Evan are quite a bit taller, but Aiden is trying to catch up.

Oh, by the way–have you seen the Man in the moon lately? He has been ‘hiding’ the past couple of nights, and the boys have been so disappointed! The sun is also a favorite, and they like to talk about it (Evan has wanted to pray for it a couple of times), but they love the moon, and ask about it all day long. At night, they each want to talk to the man in the moon at night before they go to bed. When he is not there, it is very distressing, and we have long talks about why we can’t find the man in the moon even though it it dark outside.

They look like little wrestling tights

There it goes

Ethan is looking for the moon

Evan is very focused, while “KayKay” patiently waits her turn

Aiden wants a chance to throw the ball

And how he has two!

There he goes

Ethan loves to run all over the place

Especially where he is not supposed to go…

This looks like a daycare!

Classic trips

The twins go their own way while Aiden hangs out

Happy little hairball

Love the expression

Ethan ponders what is on the other side of these bushes

Three in one chair

It was also Grandma’s birthday just 3 days before the boys

But guess who got to eat her ice cream?

My speedsters!


They want a closer look

It looks good…and it tasted great!

A little closer….

OK, that is too close

‘Papa’ feeds the ‘little Bear’

Grandma feeds Sweet Pea

Evan is enjoying this

Ethan, it is very cold. No need to blow on it

Tastes so good

Aiden, try some


Aidey, what do you think?

Ethan has a chocolate moustache


Since he ate Grandma’s ice cream, he gives her a taste of hers

Evan is digging in…I think he will want seconds

Aiden, I hope that is the ice cream and not lipstick

Aiden is ready to go

In the meantime, these two have found what they want for Christmas: ‘Oak’s’ new Blackberry

‘Papa’ growls with his little ‘Boo Boo Bear’