’09 is already flying by!

The new year has already been incredibly busy; it’s hard to believe that it is nearly February already! Between work, babies, doctors and therapy appointments (and just our crazy life in general), it has been a couple weeks since our last update, so we have a rambling update below.

Ethan and Evan are such little boys now, (sadly) they are definitely not babies anymore. They can consistently repeat their letter sounds from A through H, as well as many others (they have a tough time with ‘Q’, ‘V’, ‘W’ and ‘Y’). All of them are completely enamored with cars and wheels. The twins wake up in the morning talking about cars and go to sleep at night talking about them. On several occasions, we have taken a ride just so they could go in the car–they get so excited! They love looking out the windows at all the other cars on the road and in the parking lot. The entire car ride, they repeatedly “talk” about the other cars that they see.

When Manish is getting ready to leave for work in the morning, they say “Da. Car. Da. Car.” over and over, until he leaves. When he leaves, they stand at the gate that goes out to the garage and repeat over and over again “Da. Car. Da. Car.” with a sad look on their faces.

Aiden is gaining weight and has gotten so tall (he has even developed little cheeks!) but continues to throw up bile and has extended episodes where he seems to be in pain at various times of the day and night. The constant gagging and retching seemed to be getting significantly worse, so we did some re-trials of various meds that we had tried previously at increased doses. Most did not work, but we have found that a significantly increased dose of Zofran (an anti-nausea drug used for chemo patients) has helped some with the gagging and retching. Although it does not seem to have any effect on the vomiting, bringing the gagging and retching back to baseline at least helps to make Aiden more comfortable and helps him to sleep a little bit better. We will be replacing his feeding tube with a smaller “J”-only tube in the next week or so to see if that will help; please pray that this procedure will go more smoothly and be less painful for Aiden than our last experience.

As you may have noticed from previous posts, we (had) a plastic baby gates at each of the entrances to our family room to keep little people in. We had no idea that it was even possible, but somehow the boys broke one of the gates clean off of the hinges. After doing some searching on Craig’s List (and out of sheer desparation!) we were able to find an iron gate that will hopefully thwart the masses for a little longer. Many thanks to our good friend Mike D. for the baby-proof installation!

The majority of the pictures below are of Aiden as Manish was taking pictures primarily late at night to test out his new camera and lens. (For the technophobes, some of the images below range from ISO 4000 to 6400 with no flash and are still clean–rather remarkable!) Since Ethan and Evan are asleep by 7:45, there are only a few images of them to share. This means that Aiden gets the spotlight…which is his favorite place :)

Sweet baby

What a ferocious face!

Who needs food? Aiden has found something better…

Let it snow? Aiden, are you kidding?!

It got so cold, the branches froze…

The ice storm also coated the plants….it was beautiful (from inside!)

Definitely the right time for warm beverages

Who knew that getting a clean diaper could be so much fun, Evan?

Aiden also likes anything with wheels–even in books!

The boys destroyed the plastic baby gate, so we installed an iron one…hopefully this one is triplet-proof!

Ethan loves crawling into things. This little basket was in the family room and he decided to crawl in.

Evan decided it was time to retire

Guys, there is no way out of here…it is iron!

Aiden, don’t chew through your oxygen supply

Showing off for the camera

Coming your way…

Ethan and Aiden were having a blast

Laughing it up!

They all have to be in the same spot, doing the same things

Aiden is developing his own form of yoga called “Aiderobics.” This semi-headstand is his favorite move, also called “downward dog”

He LOVES laying his head on your feet (but be careful, sometimes he bites!)


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