Update on Aiden

After getting some horrible medical care all last week at Children’s Hospital, they finally moved Aiden to the Pediatric ICU and he is getting much better care (finally)! Despite the fact that we requested ICU service on Saturday, they chose to wait and things deteriorated to the point that he HAD to be placed in the ICU on Monday at 3AM.

His lungs are not in very good shape and he relies very heavily on machines to help him breathe. Hopefully, he will strong soon and get rid of the infection he has and start breathing better.

This morning he looked somewhat pale and his body is retaining Carbon Dioxide. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. While everything seems to indicate a viral infection, the doctors simply do not know for sure what the issue is.

We have a great Physician who can heal anything and please pray that He would do so in accordance with His will.


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