Unsolved mystery…

Neuro MRI – Negative
Endoscopy – Negative (biopsy showed a potential mild allergy)
Gastric Emptying Study – Normal
Upper GI and Small Bowel Test – Normal
Organic Acids / Bloodwork – Normal
Impedence Study – No results

Aiden came home Thursday night but the issue still remains: vomiting. After consulting with multiple physicians, it still remains a mystery as no one can pinpoint the problem. We are at the point where there is little more that can be done by staying in the hospital, and we have decided that it is time to just bring him home and see if we can find someone to help with this issue from home. This is his third return home and hopefully, third time will be a charm.

His weight is about 13 lbs. and he has grown quite a bit taller in the last couple of weeks. Aiden’s physical maturity has been excellent, and he is steadily regaining the muscle tone and skills he lost while paralyzed and intubated! His head no longer bobbles when he sits up and he can again roll over by himself. He has more control over his little hands and is learning how to grab, pull, etc.

As far as his intellectual development, he has gotten very cunning (and quite naughty at times). He waits until we are not watching and slowly starts pulling out his feeding tube. Then, he gives this big smile and even laughs at the look of frustration on our faces after he has succeeded. He is extremely alert and has learned how to communicate in different ways.

While there are so many good things, the vomiting issue still remains and still is cause for some scary episodes which in turn cause breathing problems. There is another test, a rigid bronchoscopy, that we will look at in the next few weeks, but outside of that we simply don’t know what else can be done. We do know that God is the Great Physician. He has certainly healed Aiden’s body before, and we trust that He can do so again, whether by sending us the right doctor or simply healing him of this recurrent and persistent vomiting that continues to affect his respiratory status.

Ethan and Evan are doing well but have gotten their first illness: ear infections and coughs, with upper respiratory congestion. They are not eating or sleeping well due to the illness, but are on antibiotics and we hope that should take care of things in a few days, and that Aiden will not catch it.

Of course, now mom and dad are getting sore throats and not feeling well, so we are now on antibiotics as well. So, there is something wrong with everyone! Please pray that everyone gets healthy soon.

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