Triplet Update (Early March 08)

Aiden continues to slowly progress. His oxygen was down to 1/2 liter this morning and he is alert, active and even took 10 ml of milk from the bottle. However, as they started weaning him off his medicines, there are now signs of withdrawals. They changed medicines on Tuesday and stopped giving him Methadone. This evening, he was very agitated and breathing much heavier to the point where his oxygen had to bumped back up to 1 liter. This is not uncommon as withdrawal can cause all sorts of short-term issues. Hopefully, these issues are strictly withdrawal related and this phase will soon be over.

Ethan and Evan are doing very well. They are starting to eat solid foods (see pics and video below) and loving it — especially Evan. Ethan seems to think that he is in charge and we have dubbed him “the Prince.” Whenever he wants something, he squalors for it and expects immediate results. It is very amusing (of course, in a few years it won’t be). Evan lives to eat and as long as nothing gets in the way of his food, he is quite happy. They have both gained weight and Ethan is near 14 lbs. and Evan is close to 16 lbs while Aiden is just over 10 lbs.

Please continue to pray for Aiden and that he would learn to eat again, get down on his oxygen and the withdrawals would go away. Thanks!

What is Evan up to?

Got Milk?

Ethan blows me a kiss

Aiden’s eyelashes seem to have grown

Reading at such a young age

Evan loves solid food!

So does the prince!


Hey, I saw it first!

Aiden is all smiles

Upclose shot of the Little Charmer

Aiden taking care of some business

Evan loves his ‘slugger’ outfit

Some matching socks

Ethan is wearing his favorite outfit (Manish calls him “Mr. Peabody” when he wears it)

“Prince Pea” in his royal chair

Evan getting ready to go for a walk

Ethan is not too sure he wants to go for a walk

A snow storm in Texas (yesterday, it was so warm the boys went for a walk)

Look who wants to play in the snow!

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