To Boston (note below)…


On Monday (August 4th), Hannah will be taking Aiden to Boston Children’s Hospital. It has taken quite a while to get all this worked out, but our insurance company agreed to have him taken via air ambulance in a small commuter plane. The plan is for him to undergo multiple tests and procedures throughout the week to attempt to determine the cause for his recurrent vomiting. There is a great deal to do in preparation, so we are very busy trying to get everything ready!

Everyone is doing well. Manish has been very busy with his new position at work and the boys are all growing so quickly. They have gotten to the point where they were moving the gate that confined them (breaking out of ‘jail’ ;-), so we the entire living room has now become their “domain” and they have much more room to play in. In the video below, you can see Ethan and Evan rolling off the couch onto the mattress. They absolutely love this game!

Also, you probably noticed our brand new blog. We decided to roll the triplet blog into a new one designed for Manish’s photography business (Veritaz Photography). Things are still under construction but it was time to switch. The images and video clips are larger with more detail and overall, it has a cleaner look and feel. This will also allow specific comments at the bottom of each post. By default, the link that sent you here will only show posts for the triplets but if you want to see wedding pictures, etc., then you can view them by navigating from ‘Categories’ at the top of the page.

Well, it’s time to pack and get ready for the very busy week ahead. Please keep us in your prayers, particularly Aiden. Please pray that God will give him the right doctors, nurses and technicians, and that He will give them wisdom as they try to diagnose and treat Aiden. Pray also for safety during the procedures that Aiden will have on Wednesday (08/06), when he will have to be intubated and put under general anesthesia, that he will not have any adverse reactions or complications. We hope and pray that the doctors in Boston can figure out what the cause of this issue and take care of it once and for all.

God Bless….

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Ethan is driving already!

Still driving

Evan, are you stuck?

Such big eyes

The prisoners want to get out of jail

Aiden, are you planning on helping them?

The boys love when daddy throws the blanket on them

Evan is completely out

Ethan is so happy

What a strange expression

Evanly Boo

Aiden, what happened to your hair?

I guess he really likes it

Evan likes to hold his leg in the air

Ethan is contemplating a jail break

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  1. LaFawn Thompson says:

    Praise God for that awesome report about Boston and the air ambulance! Nothing and no one is going to keep Aiden from receiving his healing! Wow, the boys DO look like toddlers – and they are extremely photogenic!

  2. Great pics! We will definitely be praying to Aiden and Hannah this week. Thanks for keeping us posted. I can’t believe how big the boys are getting. Isn’t their birthday at the end of this month?

  3. Mary Beth Cummins says:

    The boys are so BEAUTIFUL!!!! We keep you guys in our prayers everyday!

    Mary Beth

  4. Marianne Pettit says:

    Great new pictures. They are growing so quickly. Can’t believe they will be 1 in a little over a month! We are praying for Hannah and Aiden as they travel to Boston and for the Lord to provide the needed answers and to heal Aiden completely! Praying for Manish as he’s left at home! Call us if you need us!

  5. Praying, praying, praying!! Please keep us posted thru site! Love the new larger images!

  6. Becky McBride says:

    They are getting so big!! I need to get over and see them. Now that my kids will be back in school next week, I will make the time. We are praying for Hannah and Aiden. Let me know if you need anything!

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