The Saga Continues…

Thank you for your continued prayers for Aiden. He is still in Children’s Hospital and we are working with the GI and pulmonary physicians trying to find out what is causing him to throw up. In many respects, we are again dealing with the same issues of confusion and miscommunication (or lack thereof) that we had to deal with during Aiden’s initial stay at Children’s, and that has been both frustrating and disheartening.

The GI series performed on Saturday did not show any abnormalities, and the Cyproheptadine (a medication used to treat cyclical vomiting syndrome) has not stopped the vomiting. It has, however, made him very sleepy, and since he does not throw up when he is sleeping, it has reduced the frequency of the vomiting episodes. We are currently trying to schedule a neuro and gastrointestinal MRI to see what it will show. Please pray that God will give Aiden the right doctors with the wisdom and knowledge to know how we should proceed.

Ethan and Evan are growing so fast! They are still teething and of course, everything goes in the mouth these days! Ethan has started getting up on all fours and has even done a little bit of crawling, but is still trying to figure out how to control which direction he moves. Evan is doing the ‘army crawl’, dragging himself around with his arms. Both boys are trying to pull themselves up, and they absolutely love to jump in the exersaucer (thanks for sharing, Morgan!). There have already been a few episodes where they have both decided that they want the same toy…uhoh, it’s already started! They have started “talking” to each other, and it is SO cute. Whenever they fuss, Aiden laughs — he thinks it is funny to watch them cry!

Below are some pictures from last week, while Aiden was home.

Such adorable little outfits…sure makes it easy to tell them apart (small, medium, and large)!


Evan is learning to catch

Ethan calls a play

Play ball!

What a big boy!

Evan is so happy

Aiden is stuck in the middle

An attempt at a family picture, but some little people did not want to cooperate

The triplet stroller in motion

“Whatcha lookin’ at?!?!?” (Aiden’s first walk outside)

Ethan, why so messy?

Now we see why

Aiden loves playing with his hands

Dad and Aiden read together

Hi Ethan!

Aiden sees the world in his fisheye mirror as he is feeding (he has to sit still for 2 hours every time he eats while his feeding runs on the pump)

Aiden wonders, “when will I catch up with my brothers?”

Who will win the race?

Aiden finally gets a taste of the ‘good life’

Evan’s got a boo boo and lets everyone know about it — see his little teeth?

Evan is taking lessons from Aiden on making a pouty face

Ethan also has some sharp teeth

Evan is back to his adorable self

Ethan likes to chew on everything!

Evan can sit up by himself (for a few minutes)

Mirror mirror on the wall, is Ethan the fairest of them all?

Evan really enjoys his food!

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