The Return of Aiden – April 6, 2008

After 10 weeks in the hospital, Aiden has finally come back home! It is so nice not to have to go back and forth to the hospital every day! He came home on 1/4 liter oxygen and a feeding tube. His weight is exactly 12 lbs.

One concern is that he currently throws up 2-3 times per day. We are not sure if this is from drug withdrawals, but please pray that this issue will be resolved as he is sometimes aspirating and this can cause the fluid to get into his lungs (which could send him straight back to the hospital).

It is hard to believe that they are 7 months old today! Ethan and Evan are doing wonderful! Evan is just over 17 lbs. and is “chatting” more than ever. Ethan is everywhere, as he has learned to roll himself over and over to move from one end of the room to the other. Both are teething: Evan has three bottom teeth in, and is working on some on top; Ethan has two bottom teeth in. They are both also starting to sit up on their own and pull themselves up, but are still working on balance after more than a few minutes. They do a pretty good job sleeping through the night and are little angels in the morning. Of course, evenings can sometimes be a different story as they are tired and cranky and it can take a while to get them down.

Thank you so very much for your continued prayers for our family and especially for Aiden. Please continue to pray that he can get off the oxygen and that his feeding/digestive issues would be resolved quickly. Also, we have had such wonderful help from so many people including Hannah’s mom. She will be coming back and staying until May 9th but after that, we won’t have any live-in help. We are hoping and praying we can find someone to assist us for the next few months.

Enjoy the video below. It starts with Evan sleeping and you can hear the cute little noises (his “happy song”) that he makes when he sleeps (it was shot in the dark so we had to edit it alot and the quality is not too good but you can still hear him). There are also several clips of them laughing and playing.

Hopefully, we will be able to blog a little more often now that we are all finally home!

Ethan, what are you looking at?

Evan is so happy!

Mom and all her boys

Grandma and the boys

Evan was so glad to have his brother home, he had to give him a hug

Things are looking up?

Ethan and Evan realize they are no longer the number one priority; but Aiden is loving it!

Dad and the boys

Aiden’s classic little poochy lip

Such a baby!

All three boys rolling around on their little playmat

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