Still waiting…

This has been a long week for Aiden (and Hannah). Yesterday morning, they did a high-resolution CT scan and today the pulmonary radiologist will review the scans. Hopefully, there will be some type of conclusive results. Right now, there is nothing definitive as everything looks good. In the meantime, they are working on trying to get him to eat without his feeding tube and see how he does.

While the first week at Boston was great, this week was not as good. By that we mean that the level of care left something to be desired. The doctors that we specifically came to see have been great but the staff has not. The residents and fellows have minimal knowledge and little patient care and with the nurses it has been hit and miss. One nurse even turned off his oxygen by mistake in the middle of the night by mistake! Please continue to keep Aiden in your prayers.

The plan was to have a family meeting early next week with us and the physicians and discuss what the next steps will be. Unfortunately, one of the primary doctors we came to see will be out of town (this we just found out yesterday). So please pray that someone would take a closer look at all this and try to put the pieces together and come up with a sensible solution and game plan. It has been frustrating these last couple of days. It is one thing if they try and try and can not come up with anything because then we can be confident that they did everything they possibly could. But right now, we don’t feel like that is the case.

As far as Ethan and Evan, they are doing great. The only exception being, they seem to be getting up during the night lately. Not sure why (maybe they miss their mommy and little Aiden). Some images are posted below.

Also, we are looking for a new babysitter to help with the kids as Dana (our current) is leaving at the end of the month to go back to college. Dana has been outstanding and we will all miss her greatly! Please pray that we can find someone ASAP to replace her.


The twins in their little ship

Little Pirates indeed!

Uh oh, there is mutiny aboard!

So, we moved over to the chair…Evan is making a phone call

The boys want to go outside

We always knew they were comic book characters

Finally, they made it outside

Evan thinks of all the possibilities

Ethan seems disgruntled

They check the area out

Evan is loving this

Ethan is not too sure about it

Now he gets it

And there he goes…

Ethan liked his little walk

But he hates being on the grass

Evan is enjoying himself…

…really enjoying himself

So adorable

Evan, you look mischievous

Time to go back inside

Evan has a milk goatee and is upset

But Cheerios makes him happy

Ethan likes his too

And he loves his toys…

Baby feet

Evan is cranky and needs to go to sleep

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