Oh No, Not Again!

Aiden was re-admitted into the hospital today. When he first came home, he was throwing up about once a day in small amounts. The frequency slowly started to increase and over the last few days, it got much worse to where he was vomiting numerous times per day in increasingly larger amounts. Yesterday, the vomiting was so bad that he literally changed colors from normal, to purple to white and then back to normal — all within a couple of minutes. The continued and constant vomiting is so alarming because every time he throws up, he is aspirating fluid into his lungs. If he continues to aspirate fluid into his lungs, they cannot heal and it could cause his lungs to become very sick again and he could wind up back in ICU on the ventilator. Every time he throws up and aspirates is like rolling the dice.

Our pulmonologist and pediatrician thought it would be best to have him sent back to the hospital for at least a couple of days to monitor him. This morning, Hannah took him to a G.I. specialist to try to get a better idea of what is causing these issues. Then he was readmitted to Children’s Hospital for monitoring.

Unlike the last hospital visit, this one is more of a proactive visit to avoid potential issues that could occur from all the vomiting. By trying to resolve this issue ahead of time, we hope to decrease the likelihood of additional problems occurring.

At least this time, Aiden will be on the same floor and we know the nurses and technicians very well. So hopefully, this will be more manageable than last time.

Please pray that they are able to figure out what is wrong and what to do about it. “Thank you” seems so inadequate, but it is nearly impossible to express in words just how much your continued prayers and support mean to us! THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

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