More beesz, please!

There is so much going on these days! Thankfully, everyone is healthy again and Manish was the only who had the flu.

The second round of Cisapride did not work; Aiden continues to vomit massive quantities of milk and it seems to be getting increasingly worse, rather than improving. He often gets dehydrated and we really are not sure what to do at this point. We will continue to consult with the doctors, although they are not certain where we should go from here. On a positive note, he is becoming more mobile. He moves at the speed of a turtle, but has made exceptional progress scooting around just in the last couple of weeks. While his increased mobility is great, it has become extremely challenging to keep him connected to his oxygen and feeding pump and also keep Ethan and Evan from pulling them over on top of each other.

The twins continue to grow like little weeds. Evan’s vocabulary is increasing every day. He will bring something to us or he will point to something and say “dis, dis” (this). He likes to try and imitate when we tell him what “dis” is. Evan’s newest favorite food is blueberries. Now everytime he is hungry or sees us eating, he says “beesz…beesz…beesz” (his version of “blueberries”). He cannot get enough of his blueberries! Whenever he eats something he likes, he says “nyamm, nyamm, nyamm” which means “yum, yum, yum.” Ethan’s new “word” is “adjiit,” and he is very into the “gggggg” sound. Not sure what that means, but whenever he wants to tell you something that is what he says. He has become very cuddly and sweet lately, and likes to run up to us, wrap his arms around our legs, and hold on as tight as he can.
All three of the boys have discovered how to play peek-a-boo, and are having a lot of fun running around with their hands over their eyes!

Everyone keeps asking for more pictures, so we have uploaded lots of new ones this round. Enjoy!

Aiden is so cute!

…and happy too…especially when he pulls his oxygen off…

hmmm…perhaps we could do this more often?

Evan loves learning his letters!

Ethan loves being outside!

He heard a dog barking and wasn’t sure what it was

Lots of room to run outside!

So much fun!

Down the slide we go

Evan is so happy to be outside

Ethan isn’t sure he likes swinging

Dad is going to take the twins down the kiddie slide

While it looks like a safe landing, Manish realized halfway down that this slide was NOT meant for adults

The boys are so happy to be with Grandma

Yes, he really does have big feet!

And away they go…

Sunday evening at church

The boys are all dressed up in their Sunday best

Getting everyone out the door is a monumental task

Lights out for Aiden…his outfit says “My Dad is my Hero”

Storytime with Grandma

Evan is playing his new favorite game

He loves it!

So handsome!

Ethan enjoys watching the others play

Aiden is getting into it, too

Where did Aiden go?

There he is!

Evan is loving this (look at all those teeth!)

Ethan is more interested in the camera (he really IS his daddy’s clone)

The Letters DVD is such a hit. This must be the 20th time they have watched it

They are really into it

Aiden pays attention very well

Evan takes this very seriously

Ethan likes to stand and watch it

Aiden has starting putting all kinds of things into his mouth–even the cord to his pulse-ox monitor

He can now pull himself into kneeling

Snuggle time with Mommy

Aiden buries his head in Evan’s lap…he loves hugging the twins

Evan, don’t strangle Aiden with his oxygen cord!

The boys are very into little hiding places

And two came tumbling down…

Sharing is hard….and of course, someone always gets hurt

Ethan is learning to unzip his pajamas

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  1. I can’t believe how big and mobile they are all getting. Aiden’s smile is adorable. I definitely need to find that DVD. Hailey only ever wants to watch Barney and it is getting old. Take care. We are praying for you.

  2. N Smith says:

    just wondering if Aiden was ever tested for Pyloric stenosis. It’s usually very little babies who suffer from it, but…

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