L & N’s Wedding

Their ceremony and reception both took place at Arlington Hall at Lee Park in Dallas, TX. It was a perfect day for an outdoor wedding and the reception that followed was great! Some images from the wedding day are posted below.

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  1. Jennna says:

    These are gorgeous! I don’t know what’s up with Waldo but that’s pretty entertaining!

  2. The photos were gorgeous and seemed to capture everything that happened on that perfect day. The flowers looked so beautiful in person and in the photos. I laughed at the picture of Waldo……..how bizarre was that whole thing! Loved the picture of her with her mother!

  3. Annette Stanutz says:

    What beautiful photographs! They truly captured the beauty of their wedding day!

  4. jon and luann reise says:

    The pictures are fabulous and make you feel like you are there reliving it all over again!

  5. Sandy Schitter says:

    They will be so pleased with their photos and the digital memories that Veritaz Photography was able to capture of their very special day!

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