Happy Valentine’s Day

Thank you all for your continued prayers for Aiden. He is still in critical condition and will be for some time to come, but is much more stable than he was previously. He has made some progress as they continue trying to wean him from the ventilator in very small increments, and seems to be tolerating the changes better. He is still on fairly heavy sedation meds, and they were concerned that he was becoming too reliant on the ventilator, so it is a relief to finally see that he seems to be more tolerant of changes this week.

The goal is to move him to a different, less invasive type of ventilation system sometime next week. If they are unable to wean him from the ventilator, they will have to re-intubate him with a different ET tube (the ventilator tube that goes down the back of his throat into his lungs) due to some issues with the current ET tube. This is something that everyone wants to avoid if at all possible, as it opens the door for additional complications such as another pneumothorax, etc.

On Wednesday afternoon, Aiden had a CT scan to look at the C-CAM or growth on his left lung. Unfortunately, the results were not conclusive. They do see some cysts and abnormalities in the lower left lung, but are puzzled because they do not present in a typical manner as a discernable mass. The scans will be sent to a Pulmonary Radiologist in another hospital to get a second opinion.

Ethan and Evan are doing wonderful! Ethan is over 12 lbs. and Evan is a whopping 14 lbs. They have started trying to “talk” and are learning how to complain when they want attention. Both boys love to “chat” and are learning that they can call out when they want something. It is tough to record them because they tend to stop talking when they realize they are on camera! Take a look at the video below to see the twins in action. Also, there are lots of pictures below as we have not had much time to update the blog with images, video, etc. These pics are from the last several weeks. Enjoy!

Which team are you on?

There’s an “e”-monster under my bed!

Sweet Pea is done for the night.

Medium and Large…now we just need “Small”

To date, the only picture with all three boys together

Baby Aiden is so cute!

Little AI with his tongue out

Grandma and the twins

Aiden getting a breathing treatment (when he was home)

Look at those eyes!

He must be the cutest baby in the world!

Ethan issues a challenge to Evan

Ethan is doing good holding his head up — he is already scooting himself around a little bit

E1 is out for the night

Grandmas and the twins

Grandparents and the twins

Evan in his jungle gym

Ethan, what big eyes you have!

The boys with their new friend, Carolyn

Evan is all cheeks

Ethan poses (but no smiles)

Evan was not ready to have his picture taken

Ethan is learning to chew on his fist

Evan looking around

Ethan tries to talk to me

Ethan awaits my response

Evan loves his bumble bee

When he sleeps, he loves to hold on to his friends

These little thieves stole mommy’s heart!

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