Happy New Year!

What a busy time this is! Christmas was a great blessing and the boys had a great time. They are now 4 months old (actual age) — their adjusted age would be approx. 7 weeks.

Their personalities are becoming more pronounced and even changing as they continue to grow and develop. Of course, this has led to new nicknames for the boys. Here are some of them:

Ethan: Sweet Pea, Little Bit, Baby Bit, E1, E-bit
Evan: E-monster, E2, Mr. Wonderful, Tonka Truck 😉
Aiden: A-I, the Little Charmer, Little Wonder

We are very excited to report some good news! Aiden is still having difficulty eating, however, they have recently begun to thicken his milk and this has made a significant difference in his ability to eat by mouth. Despite his eating difficulties, he is now up to 7 lbs! Ethan also continues to have some difficulty eating, so please keep both he and Aiden in your prayers.

The doctors have agreed to allow Aiden to come home and see if that will help improve his eating and weight gain (of course they will continue to monitor him closely); right now, it appears that he will
be coming home this weekend, finally completing the trio at home. Please pray that God will give us the wisdom, patience, strength and endurance that we will need over the next several months.

Ethan is sound asleep.

“The Charmer” is ready to come home

Such a cute little “e-bit”

Daddy loves his little “e-monster”

All we need is Aiden!

And what about yours, Mr. Wonderful?

Who do you think opened all the gifts?

Bird’s eye view

Some new friends with the same names

Grandpa and Grandma

Uncle Sachin and Aunt Amisha

Baby Wonderful lets out a yawn

Be nice to your brother!

Aiden on Christmas day

Inside his little boppy

“A-I” loves his mommy

What is Ethan laughing at?

Daddy and E2 love to read together

“Little Bit” is sound asleep

As you can see, the “Little Wonder” looks a lot like “Little Bit”

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