Happy Birthday Boys – 1 Year Old!

The boys turned 1 year old on Saturday!

Hard to believe that it has been a year! We still remember it…

5:00AM – call 911 and talk to dispatch operator over the phone
6:05AM – 2 firetrucks, an ambulance and 6 paramedics standing in our bedroom debating whether we go to the hospital in Grapevine (which was closer) or Dallas (which was better suited in case Hannah delivered)
6:19AM – just before she gets in the ambulance, we agree that I will stay behind, gather her belongings and then to to the hospital (we assumed that she would not be giving birth because just 3 weeks earlier, she had to be taken to the hospital and was put on bed rest and we figured it was the same thing)
7:03AM – I start getting things ready…have breakfast, water the plants in the front yard…normal morning stuff
7:21AM – Hannah calls me and tells me to get down there right away because they are going to deliver
7:22AM – Hannah calls me again and reminds me to bring the camera (now I realize this is for real!)
7:23AM – I wish I had a Nikon D3 because that would be the perfect camera but will have to use my Nikon D2X
7:55AM – almost at the hospital when Hannah calls to tell me they have to start
8:15AM – I arrive and rush in…see Hannah and am updated on everything…I missed the birth by about 10 minutes (don’t worry, next time she has triplets I’ll be there)
9:00AM – call relatives and friends to let them know the good news
12:30PM – after she rests and things settle down, we go to actually see the babies for the first time (Hannah only caught a glimpse of them when they were born)
12:45PM – I see Baby “B” (soon to be Evan) and just stare at him for about 5 minutes…then realize I have 2 more to see!
12:50PM – we see all babies and are in awe!

Here is the post from September 6th, 2007

….fast forward one year…and here we are…amazing…

These balloons scared Evan so much that he cried everytime he saw them

1st Birthday with Winnie the Pooh

Let’s not count out Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster

Aiden ponders what is on his head

Ethan doesn’t seem to care for it (Prince Pea prefers his crown)

Evan was very tired

The cake was delicious…sorry boys, you were too little (and cranky) and missed out

This picture describes the evening…we tried a family shot…tried…

Then attempted one with Grandparents and Aunt Amisha and Uncle Sachin…

The next morning, Evan took a little walk

Ethan did too and was quite tired

Aiden loves to sleep with his littly bunny

Here he is with another favorite toy

Ethan takes a journey through the toy tunnel

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  1. Happy Birthday! What a year it has been for your mommy & daddy! We have been praying for you all year and are amazed at how far you’ve come. So they didn’t even get a little bit of cake? Poor things. That is the best part of 1 year old birthdays.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET BOYS! So glad I got to meet Aiden!

  3. Lexy says:

    I found your (old) blog because I am 8 weeks pregnant with triplets. Your boys are so handsome! Glad that they are doing well expecially Aiden. I have a 1 year old named Ayden too 🙂 Love your pictures too!

  4. Pam Meester says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYS! What a busy, fun birthday party you had…and mom & dad you are to be congratulated too! So happy for you all. Love, Pam

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