Fall 2008

The economy is tanking, the world is watching and in less than 5 weeks America may elect a liberal, inexperienced, socialist to be the next President.

But let’s talk about more important things 🙂 It has been a little while since our last update as things have been so busy! The twins surgery went very well. Last night, Ethan was his old happy self and running around the living room laughing his head off. Evan is also doing much better and hopefully the days of recurring fevers, constant antibiotics, refusing to eat, and (partially) sleepless nights will be over.

Aiden continues to vomit and will be going back to Boston tomorrow via Air Ambulance to obtain the first dose of Cisapride. We expect that he and Hannah will be there at least until Tuesday, October 7th (barring any complication).

Just wanted to post a quick update and ask for your prayers for the boys. Enjoy the video and images below. Aiden was in a very silly mood and could not stop lauging. We have never seen him laugh so hard! There is also some video of the twins taking their daily walk. Enjoy.


Evan entertains his little brother

Grandma helps Ethan with his socks

Attempting to shoot a picture of all three together…

Ethan is not happy

He has learned to sit Indian style on the floor

Aiden, tuck your g-tube back in your shirt!

The boys with Carolina…we attempted a picture but things got a little out of hand!

Ethan woke up looking with his hair like this

Evan, what’s the problem?

Aiden looks like a little toy doll

One of his new facial expressions

There it is again

And yet another…

The newest thing, crossing his left leg over his right. He thinks he is so ‘sophisticated.’

Is Evan smart, cute, adorable, or sweet? Answer: see the picture

Aiden being cocky again

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