Answered Prayer: Aiden is going to Boston!

Thank you all for your continued prayers specifically regarding this matter. The last 48 hours have been filled with multiple answers to our prayers and concerns about getting Aiden to the Aerodigestive Center at BCH. As you know, we have been concerned about how to transport Aiden to Boston, and have spent many long hours trying to identify appropriate transportation and work out logistics, while waiting to hear back from BCH with a definite date.

As part of the transportation issue and to obtain approval to take Aiden to BCH, our insurance company had requested a compilation of very detailed letters and other information from the pediatrician and the various specialists that Aiden has seen. The insurance company also requested that the doctors make a specific medical determination as to how they felt Aiden should be transported. Yesterday afternoon, while Hannah was at the pediatrician’s office finalizing information to be sent to the insurance company, she received a call from the folks at BCH. They were able to work out the scheduling issues so that Aiden’s appointments will begin on August 5th, less than 2 weeks away!

Now we were really worried about how to transport Aiden. We have researched a number of options and contacted various transportion organizations, but none seemed to work out. This morning, we heard back from the insurance company. Based on Aiden’s medical history and the doctor’s recommendations, they authorized an air ambulance for at least the first leg of the flight. The return will be dependent upon what is found in Boston and Aiden’s treatment plan.

Whew, what a relief! Due to Aiden’s oxygen requirements, continuous feedings, cyanotic vomiting episodes, uncertain reaction to flying, and need for access to certain medical equipment, we have been very concerned about how to best transport him. There are still a number of details to work out, but all of the major elements are now in place, which is a such an answer to our prayers and a weight off our shoulders. Now we must pray that God will give us the right doctors and give them wisdom to know what to do.

Your prayers have meant so very much to us — it is impossible to express just how the knowledge of all of your petitions going up to the Father on Aiden’s behalf have upheld us throughout this. Please, continue to pray that we will find answers and solutions in Boston. We are so very grateful for each of you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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