Aiden Update

On Wednesday, they performed a triple scope which included a laryngoscopy, endoscopy and bronchoscopy and took biopsies and cell culture samples from the lungs, esophagus and stomach. They were successfully able to extubate him and he spent in the night in ICU as a precaution. He did develop some atelectasis (a collapse of lung tissue) in his right lung from the procedures. On Thursday, they did an EKG, echocardiogram, saliva gram, upper G.I. series with small bowel follow through, modified barium swallow study, abdominal ultrasound and a chest x-ray.

So far, some of the results are pending but for the most part everything looks normal. The larynx does have a valley in it which could be a laryngeal cleft but this really depends on who is making the call (this can be quite subjective). Either way, they don’t think that this is causing all the problems. From the cell culture of the lungs, preliminary results showed iron laden macrophages which indicate there was slow bleeding into the lungs over the past couple of months. At this time, it can not yet be determined to what extent this could be causing his issues. They did also recommend a host of cardio consults given that he is still on oxygen and given that there is some blood in the lungs.

Although they can not pin-point anything yet, they are extremely thorough in their thought process and execution which has been very encouraging. We are confident that he is in very good hands. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. Specifically, that he would continue to have good care, that the atelectasis would resolve and that they can properly diagnose and correct his issues within a short time.

Ethan and Evan continue to grow, eat and dominate. There are some updated pictures below and a short video clip of Aiden having the time of his life. He is a happy boy and gets along with everyone. But no one can make him laugh like Evan. They seem to have a special bond. In our conversations, Hannah and I now refer to Aiden as “the head.” As shown in the video, he is all head! Some mornings, it literally looks like it has grown overnight.

Thanks again for your prayers and thoughts!

Three of a kind

Ethan and Evan make an alliance in the kitchen

Aiden, let’s play some football

He is so adorable

…and so handsome (and he knows it)

Ethan likes to carry things in his mouth


Hey Ethan!

This looks like trouble

Evan loves to stand and clap

Mom has her hands full!

We love you Aiden (even though you pulled your feeding tube out)!

The ambulance came the day he went to Boston

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