Jennifer & Johann’s Wedding

It was such a pleasure to shoot Jennifer and Johann’s wedding. So often, weddings are just weddings but with this couple, there was such passion and excitement. See below for some images from their big day.

Answered Prayer: Aiden is going to Boston!

Thank you all for your continued prayers specifically regarding this matter. The last 48 hours have been filled with multiple answers to our prayers and concerns about getting Aiden to the Aerodigestive Center at BCH. As you know, we have been concerned about how to transport Aiden to Boston, and have spent many long hours trying to identify appropriate transportation and work out logistics, while waiting to hear back from BCH with a definite date.

As part of the transportation issue and to obtain approval to take Aiden to BCH, our insurance company had requested a compilation of very detailed letters and other information from the pediatrician and the various specialists that Aiden has seen. The insurance company also requested that the doctors make a specific medical determination as to how they felt Aiden should be transported. Yesterday afternoon, while Hannah was at the pediatrician’s office finalizing information to be sent to the insurance company, she received a call from the folks at BCH. They were able to work out the scheduling issues so that Aiden’s appointments will begin on August 5th, less than 2 weeks away!

Now we were really worried about how to transport Aiden. We have researched a number of options and contacted various transportion organizations, but none seemed to work out. This morning, we heard back from the insurance company. Based on Aiden’s medical history and the doctor’s recommendations, they authorized an air ambulance for at least the first leg of the flight. The return will be dependent upon what is found in Boston and Aiden’s treatment plan.

Whew, what a relief! Due to Aiden’s oxygen requirements, continuous feedings, cyanotic vomiting episodes, uncertain reaction to flying, and need for access to certain medical equipment, we have been very concerned about how to best transport him. There are still a number of details to work out, but all of the major elements are now in place, which is a such an answer to our prayers and a weight off our shoulders. Now we must pray that God will give us the right doctors and give them wisdom to know what to do.

Your prayers have meant so very much to us — it is impossible to express just how the knowledge of all of your petitions going up to the Father on Aiden’s behalf have upheld us throughout this. Please, continue to pray that we will find answers and solutions in Boston. We are so very grateful for each of you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Saani & Rodrick’s Wedding

This weekend was a blast at Saani & Rodrick’s wedding. The ceremony took place at the Dallas Arboretum and the reception at the Iron Cactus Mexican Grill & Margarita Bar. The couple knew how to have a good time but there were also some very emotional moments; especially during the toast. Check out the images below!


Today being our 8th wedding anniversary, we thought such a momentous occasion deserved something extra special–like a blog update! 😉 As we reflect back, the past 8 years have brought so many changes…5 houses, grad school, several different jobs, 4 different cities, and…3 kids who are now 10 mos. old!!!

The boys have gotten so BIG! Evan now looks like a toddler and is so tall…he is such a sweet boy, so tender hearted. Anytime Ethan or Aiden get upset, he gets a very concerned look on his face and will put his hand on their arm or head, and sometimes cry with them. Ethan is into EVERYTHING…he is quite the little monkey, because he seems to get into places and things that no one could have imagined. He is so fiercely independent, and constantly wants to GO, GO, GO! Physically, Aiden’s development is not quite to where Ethan and Evan are, but he sure is mentally. It is so sweet to watch — he gets SO excited when he is with his brothers, and he tries so hard to talk to them. He was the first one to say “mamamamama” (albeit only when he is upset!), and is so alert and engaged with everything that is going on around him. He loves attention, especially when someone will sit and talk with him. In the past couple of weeks, Aiden has nearly caught up with Ethan: he now weighs over 18 pounds, and is almost as tall as Ethan. It seems like he suddenly became huge overnight!

Every night after work, Manish will sit in the play area (a/k/a “jail”) and play with the boys for a little bit until bed time. That is the highlight of their evening, and it makes Aiden’s day. We put him in the Bumbo where Manish can protect his lines, and he is so thrilled to be with Daddy and his brothers, he is totally content to just sit there and watch them! Ethan and Evan have both been standing and taking steps on their own, without holding onto anything. They are so proud of themselves, particularly Evan! When he stands up for any length of time, he gets a giant grin and will stand there and clap for himself (see video clip below), while Ethan will say “Yay!”. Ethan and Evan were finally getting over ear infections. They have been battling them since May, and have been on a number of different antibiotics. Of course, when they don’t feel good, they don’t sleep well, eat well, don’t want to do anything but be held, so it is hard on everyone. They recently finished their last course of antibiotics and seemed to be doing better, when Ethan’s ear infection came back with a vengance this week, and he is just miserable, poor baby.

We have taken the boys in the pool several times now in the last couple of weeks, since it has been in the triple digits here (being very careful not to get anything in their ears, of course!), and they were over the moon…everyone absolutely loved it. Hannah’s Mom and sisters were able to visit for the 4th holiday weekend, which was a lot of fun. This was the first time that Aleta and Abi have been able to see all three of the boys, and the boys met their cousin, Kaelyn (Aleta & Tim’s baby), who we saw for the first time. Aleta brought the boys adorable little swim trunks, so we had to show them off. We tried hard to get a picture of all four babies together, but as you can see, it is hard to coordinate four sets of baby eyes! They all looked so patriotic and had adorable outfits on for the 4th of July parade, but unfortunately, they didn’t last long enough for a picture of all four!

Regarding Aiden’s health: he continues to retch and vomit, and it seems to be increasing in frequency. We have been waiting and waiting to hear back from Boston Children’s (BCH) regarding specific timing, but still have not rec’d any definite dates. When we spoke with them last week, they told us that several of their OR’s have been put under construction and they are trying to re-shuffle and re-schedule cases, while also trying to work out the scheduling with multiple specialty doctors, many of whom will be on vacation for much of August. The coordinator told us that if they were to put him in the next ‘available’ opening, it would be the end of September, but given the nature of his case, they are trying to fit him in before the doctors go on vacation. As you can imagine, we were crestfallen to hear that — but we also know that all of this is in God’s hands, and He certainly knows best. He has worked everything out thus far, so we must trust that He will take care of something as insignificant (to Him) as scheduling. In the meantime, we are trying to figure out transportation arrangements to get Aiden to Boston, which is also proving to be rather challenging. Please continue to pray that the Lord will work things out according to His will, and that we will be able to find help for Aiden in Boston.

Such big eyes, Ethan

Evan has such a nice smile

The twins are in “jail”

Ethan throws a baby punch

He surprised himself!

Evan wants to examine everything

Caught in the act!

Hello Ethan!

Aiden loves to read

What a long day it has been for Aiden

Evan’s face says it all…

Evan loves it when the front door is open and he can look outdoors

Big smiles!

Aiden wonders why we are in the backyard

This picture was the best frame out of about twenty. No one would sit still!

Ethan, eat your Cheerios

Evan loves them (of course!)

Aiden’s eyelashes are getting even longer and more curvy

He does not seem to care for his new hat

Evan LOVES to go for a swim!

Even though he can’t go all the way in, Aiden loves the water too

Ethan likes to kick around in the pool…he is already treading water!

Ethan loved being all wet

And now he is splashing everywhere (and everyone)

Evan just can’t get enough of this

Ethan is ready to get out

Aiden is soaked

Evan does not want to stop swimming

Aiden does a few final splashes

All four babies