Update – September 13, 2007

Thank you so much for your continued prayers! The babies are doing well.

On Wednesday, the doctors performed echocardiograms on all three babies to see if the Indocin had been effective in closing the heart murmers. Ethan’s murmer seems to have completely closed, which is fantastic! There is a possibility that it could re-open later, so please pray that it will stay closed. Although the Indocin did shrink the size of Evan and Aiden’s murmurs, it did not completely close them. Evan’s murmur is now very small and he does not seem to be experiencing any symptoms from it, so the doctors have decided to wait and see if it will close on its own. Aiden’s is still medium in size, so they started him on another dose of Indocin beginning Wednesday afternoon. They will perform a repeat echocardiogram on Aiden tomorrow (Friday) morning to see if the second dose of Indocin has been effective. Please pray that Evan’s murmur will resolve on its own and that Aiden’s will be completely closed, with no ill side effects from the medication.

Ethan and Evan are still off the ventilators and continue to breathe mostly room air, with only a low dose of oxygen from a nasal canula. They both started feedings today, and seem to be tolerating it well, which is a big step! Aiden’s jaundice levels have gone back up, so they had to restart the light.

The brain scans were performed on Wednesday afternoon. Evan is fine and shows no intracranial bleeding, but Ethan and Aiden both have small brain bleeds (Grade 1 on a scale of 1-4). There is no medication or anything that can be done for this. They will repeat the brain scans on both babies next Wednesday to reassess. Grade 1 is the lowest level brain bleed and typically has no long-lasting effects. However, there is always a slim chance it could become worse. Please pray that these brain bleeds will resolve on their own and that Ethan and Aiden will not have any lasting side effects from it.

Other than that, all is well thus far. Thanks for your prayers!

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