Teddy Bear has arrived

Evan came home this past Saturday. One down, two to go. I have to say, if having one is this much work, we can not even imagine how much it will be when all three are here!

Some updates:
– Ethan is doing well and is ready to come home very soon. The only thing keeping him is he still required very small amount of oxygen to help him breathe. The hospital is under pressure from the insurance company to send him home an on oxygen tank. If it was just one child it would be on thing. But trying to manage Ethan on an oxygen tank with Evan already home and visiting Aiden in the hospital every day is a daunting task. Please pray that Ethan’s lungs would get strong enough and he could be weaned off any oxygen needs.

– Aiden is doing much better. His feedings have increased and he seems to be much happier. He is not doing too well with bottle feeding as he got a late start due to all his issues. Additionally, he did not have any bowel movements for nearly three days and they had to give him an enema to make him stool. Please pray that nothing is wrong with his intestines, etc. and that he starts bottle feeding as well.

We will try to get home pictures and video updates. Things have been so busy that we have just not had any time to do so. Hopefully, we will catch a break and get some updates.

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